UpToDate is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to easily update the suite of customized TotalFreedom plugins. While in game, simply run /update and the plugin will automatically download the latest version of the plugins. A list of plugins include EssentialsX, EssentialsXSpawn, LibsDisguises, WorldEdit and WorldGuard. The plugins are the same version on my GitHub (https://github.com/Telesphoreo). All of the plugins on my GitHub are always kept up to date, so whenever you run /update, you will most likely be getting the latest builds of the plugins (with TotalFreedomMod customizations, and fully tested of course).

Commands and Permissions

  • /uptodate
  • - Usage: Shows information about UpToDate.
    - Permission: OP
  • /update
  • - Usage: Update the server plugins.
    - Permission: Super Admin