LoginMessages is a simple plugin that allows you to create custom login messages for players. In the configuration section, there are two options: ranks and players. Ranks are permission-node based and are meant for two or more people to have the same login message. Color codes are supported, and you should replace %player% where you would want the player's name to go. The player section is only username based. You only need to provide a message, and their username. Color codes are supported and %player% is where their name would go.

Commands and Permissions

Configuration File


Example of a rank based login message:
                  permission: loginmessages.moderator
                  message: "&b%player% is a &d&oModerator"
                  permission: loginmessages.admin
              message: "&b%player% is an &4&oAdmin"
Example of a player based login message:
                  message: "&bThe %player% it's in the?"
              message: "&b%player% is an &4&oAdmin&b and the &9The Supreme Builder"

LoginMessages v2.3 is confirmed to run on Minecraft versions 1.8 to 1.17.

If you need any help, you may contact me over Discord: Telesphoreo#0001