LoginMessages is a simple plugin that allows you to create custom login messages for players. In the configuration section, there are two options: ranks and players. Ranks are permission-node based and are meant for two or more people to have the same login message. Color codes are supported, and you should replace %player% where you would want the player's name to go. The player section is only username based. You only need to provide a message, and their username. Color codes are supported and %player% is where their name would go.

Commands and Permissions

  • /loginmessages
  • - Usage: Shows information and help about LoginMessages
  • /loginmessages reload
  • - Usage: Reloads the configuration file
    - Permission node: loginmessages.reload
  • /setloginmessage
  • - Usage: Set your login message in-game.
    - Permission node: loginmessages.setloginmessage
  • /setloginmessage [player]
  • - Usage: Set another player's login message in-game.
    - Permission node: loginmessages.setloginmessage.others
  • /deleteloginmessage
  • - Usage: Delete your login message.
    - Permission node: loginmessages.deleteloginmessage
  • /deleteloginmessage [player]
  • - Usage: Delete another player's login message.
    - Permission node: loginmessages.deleteloginmessage.others

Configuration File

  • show_vanilla_messages
  • - Enables or disables the default "Player joined the game" message. If this option is set to false only the player's login message will show. If it is set to true, the login message AND the "Player joined the game" message will show.
    - Default: false
    - Options: true / false


Example of a rank based login message:
        permission: loginmessages.moderator
        message: "&b%player% is a &d&oModerator"
        permission: loginmessages.admin
        message: "&b%player% is an &4&oAdmin"
Example of a player based login message:
        message: "&bThe %player% it's in the?"
        message: "&b%player% is an &4&oAdmin&b and the &9The Supreme Builder"

LoginMessages v3.1 is confirmed to run on Minecraft versions 1.19+

If you need any help, you may contact me over Discord: @telesphoreo